Welcome to my photographic adventure. In 2013 I picked up my camera and began a journey to learn the fine art of making an image. Each image here holds a lesson learned on this amazing journey. Some only about my camera and others one of life's lessons. The power of a volcano in Hawaii, hypnotic lightning wrapped tornados: incredible.  The eerie silence surrounding abandoned farmhouses sent my mind searching for a family's last thoughts as they closed the door for the last time.  I became certified in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and have enjoyed sharing and teaching people how to have more fun with "their" photographic adventures. But one of my favorites is light sculpting, creating night landscape images with only small lights. In 2015 I traveled 35,000 miles in the U.S. chasing storms, capturing slices of Americana and our incredible National Parks.  I will be broadcasting LIVE from my car while chasing tornados starting June - 2016. You can learn how to follow me on Facebook or the LIVE CHASE LINK above.  Please sign up / follow to learn more in the near future. 

Thanks for joining me.
Rusty Nelson
Marina del Rey, California.