Welcome to my Adventure!  I’m a Photographer, Speaker, and Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert. My gallery is in Kennett Square, PA.  In 2021/22 I’ll be speaking on Storm / Tornado Chasing Photography: "The Camera's My Best Excuse For Adventure". Motivational!

When I began the never-ending journey to learn the fine art of creating an image, I unexpectedly found the camera guiding me on a journey through life.  It truly became a friend. Each image here is a lesson learned on capturing an image or perhaps one of "life's lessons". A powerful volcano in Hawaii or hypnotic lightning-wrapped tornado: incredible.  An abandoned farmhouse’s eerie silence sends my mind searching for the family's intimate thoughts as they closed the door for the last time.  I enjoy sharing these adventures and teaching people how to have fun with "their" photographic adventures. Light sculpting is also a passion, creating night landscape images with only small lights. To follow me “like” on Facebook or YouTube.

Thanks for joining me.

Rusty Nelson
New Gallery in Kennett Square, PA